Can’t you see? The war is over!

I don’t know how often I published this pictures already. In 1988 Iraqi Kurdish refugees fled chemical warfare, while the United Nations was negotiating the peace between Iraq and Iran.
Three years later, during the Gulf War in 1991, the Kurds were fleeing again.
At the close of the Gulf War in 1992, the turkish army employed napalm bombs against the Kurds in Northern Iraq, in a campaign against the PKK movement.
In March 1988, the Iraq Army attacking the Kurdish city of Halabja. Summer 1992, the citizens of Halabja are still suffering from injuries caused by the use of chemical weapons.
In winter 1991 Kurds demonstrating for independence and international recognition in front of UN offices all of the province Sulaimania.
The war starts again in winter 1992, Kurdish factions fighting each other for dominance of the national movement.

In summer 2014 it started again and in summer 2015 we still faced the same pictures.
Now in autum 2017 before the referendum, the Turkish army has strengthened the military presence near the border with Iraq.

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