ramadan stories

a while ago I stepped into the little Mosque around the corner of our studio. we always met on the street and I was invited for some turkish coffee or tea. I liked to visited the mosque. later on I was called to photographe the preparation of Ramadan. first I watched the Quran lessons for the kids

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ramadan stories III

during Ramadan everybody in my little mosque is reading Quran for the whole afternoon.  they all wait for the call of the muazzin to celebrate the evening pray. after the pray the break together the fasting and start eating. the Mullah is blesses everybody. even me

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ramadan stories II

everything is changing now in my neighbourhood. the religious fasting Ramadan started. years ago we had goods times together, taking pictures. every evening my friends are celebrating the Iftar – breaking the fasting – together in the mosque. they always inviting me to come in and join. times are changing and I don’t like to go anymore….

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