ethiopia – the tukul


I learned my lesson, when I first entered a Tukul. every item in the house and every corner were designed. the bread we were eating was decorated. I understood, people who live here are rich. they have the ability to live here. I only know how to buy food in the supermarket

rwanda – bicycle days


south africa with no fences

Central African Republic – the wild party

the invitation was a surprise. we followed the tracks a while, crossed little rivers untill we reached the place. suddenly they were there. they came from everywhere. the air was full of energy and a lot of drinks where involved. with the drinks the usual fighting started. the big boss told us off

ethiopia – the craftsmen

for sure I know these sounds. since my youth they sound so familiar to me. wherever I go I  follow these sounds.  again and again I end up in the places of the craftsmen’s work. here I  learned to understand the spirit and the fascination of their craft. Giovannis print house in Addis Ababa is still one of this places I like to remembers

rwanda – one of 1.000.000

south african

south africa – macassar days

the charburner

the life of a charburner is illegal. deep in the rain forest. not even a simple track to walk there exist. to follow the river stream is the only way to reach the charcoal kiln in the middle of nowhere. the rainforest is disappearing into charcoal. there is no other access to energy

ethiopia – the book

just hanging out in the fantastic Addis coffee shops, quite busy in doing nothing. we were hungry and had nothing else to do. when we were asked to take pictures

…. for that italian cook book

south africa – soweto days I

the moment we moved, everything went well. for days I was looking forward to move and then finally we did it. packed everything into Mpohs car and moved. food was exellent. coffee was not the best. inbetween we entertained Didi, the albino python

ethiopia – the forest manager

even the satellite pictures showed teh effort the Cangiti people had, managing their forest, the exited scientist of the Berlin Univerisity explained to me at the airport. some weeks later I arrived in Cangiti in the Ethiopian Bale Mountains. I tried to explain the picture from the satellite to the farmers. nobody believed me. a satellite taking pictures of their work to protect the forest, was absurd. so we agreed. its more serious and better to take pictures together again


angola – globo days

I was searching for a place to stay in Luanda. then I run into the globo hotel.  LP the drummer of #112 was the first member of globo family I run into.  later I met all the others,  Andre the guy at the reception, the rest of band from #112, Anna who was taking care of us, Ihosvanny painted in the ground floor, Kabinda the breakfast queen. luckily they accepted me to stay. room 226. the boys from the band played the whole night

Niger – Agadez

finally!!! we arrived at Agadez and our dreams became true. we were impressed and dragged into the magic of this town


Niger – going to Agadez

early next morning, we left north-east towards Agadez. we passed the river and some water-places. later that day, we stopped over at some millet farmers, watched them cultivating the harsh land. we were impressed. none of us would have the ability to survive under this conditions. the women starting threshing the millet directly. we were invited for food

ethiopia – the band at the end of the road

as usual we were hanging out. I came from somewhere and was going to somewhere. in between I had a stopover in Addis. Michael and me, we went to concert in the bar at the end of the street. some downtown kids where playing raggae. the kids celebrated

the time

I started in the early morning. for the whole day I was busy doing nothing. boats came and crossed the river into Cameroon. fishermen passed by. I  just watched the river and smoked my cigarettes till the sun went down

sudan – dessert days

we met him in the evening after we drove the whole day through the desert. the gps-system told us several times that we crossed the Nile River. there was no Nile. then we met him and he took us with him to the tents. the desert was friendly to us. we stayed

central african republic – the days

they smoked my cigarettes like hell. we spent a couple of days in the jungle together. my pygmies friends laughed when I was trying to walk in the rainforest. they teached me how to survive in the forest. later on we had a big party. we smoked again


ethiopia – there is something magic in coffee

Abdullah and Omar introduced me to the magic.  we spent hour’s together. they send me on the road of coffee. I met farmers, buyers and friends just to drag me into the deap secrets of coffee. the long exciting journey started. I became addicted to coffee


Niger – Agadez in our mind

we left our new friends the next morning and followed the road to Agadez after we enjoyed the busy market day. no one at the market believed me, that I wanted to cut my hair. we had to go, Agadez was calling us. on our way we met some people from the Peul tribe with their cattle next to the only water-place. they showed us the way north-east. we followed this route until we met the Tuareg. we stayed

central african republic – the end

for sure not easy to reach that place. somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  it used to be a business place of some logging compagnies. now the forest is gone and the compagnies also. High Noon in Africa. and then I discovered it’s also difficult to leave that place again

ethiopia – coffee shops

 Omar told me long stories about the magic of the Addis Ababa coffee shops. his eyes were shining when he started to talk about Enrico, Yordanos and Mekonen. we spent days searching for tis athmesphere again. he showed me Enricos with the great cake, Yordanos and Mekonen at Piaza. some of them still had the athmospehere we are looking for

ethiopia – the tibs

we started late. as usual. my falt. Michael had the idea to have some tibs for dinner. so we started cruizing through the city. Alan old mercedes was running perfectly. listening to the music played by the  local radio stadio we reached the place. tibs is soemthing special in Ethiopia. this butcher is special place for tibs. rich and poor is meeting here to have tibs. usualy everybody comes here for raw tibs with berberie. they prepared special Zizil Tibs for me. the best I ever had