Niger – searching for Agadez

some years ago I visited my friend Dietrich in Niger. after a couple of days in Niamey, we wanted to go north, to discover Agadez, this famous town in the desert. we started in Niamey the next morning

Niger – Agadez

finally!!! we arrived at Agadez and our dreams became true. we were impressed and dragged into the magic of this town


Niger – going to Agadez

early next morning, we left north-east towards Agadez. we passed the river and some water-places. later that day, we stopped over at some millet farmers, watched them cultivating the harsh land. we were impressed. none of us would have the ability to survive under this conditions. the women starting threshing the millet directly. we were invited for food

Niger – Agadez in our mind

we left our new friends the next morning and followed the road to Agadez after we enjoyed the busy market day. no one at the market believed me, that I wanted to cut my hair. we had to go, Agadez was calling us. on our way we met some people from the Peul tribe with their cattle next to the only water-place. they showed us the way north-east. we followed this route until we met the Tuareg. we stayed

days in Niger

coming home after days in Niger. I was sitting in the darkroom with the negatives. every picture editor expected pictures on famine in Niger. I found different stories to tell. none of these pictures were ever printed