on the road

once upon a time – brokdorf 1976

41 years ago. no ecologic movement was existing. just a handfull of people resited. but the police came one hour past midnight and drove us out with their water cannons and tear gas. first they fenced the site and started to build that nuclear power plant. two weeks later, we were 30,000 trying to stop that nuclear power plant.

the politicians were drunken by the idea of making atomic electricity. they didn’t want to hear that atomic energy is not safe at all. the electric corporations promised high profits and that amtomic electricity will be cheap to produce. until now nobody has an answer what to do with the waste. and we still pay for that shit again and again

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once upon the time ….

we were just young and we had time. a lot of time. then we came to Ehrenfeld. we learned to stroll and explore the secrets of street life. sadly, we became the observers of a sinking time. without knowing it

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don’t call him duck – the story of Oscar

today I want to tell you the story of Oscar. I knew Oscar for many years. he was always different than the others. in his early years he started to collect all his money and bought a camera. then he started traveling around to see the world. first he took the train. Oscar visited a lot  places over the years. in all the coffeeshops he enjoyed to drink fresh brewed espresso. still Oscar liked to swim in wild water. later on he made one big mistake and started to hang out in bars and restaurants. at the end he met a chef. this was Oscars story

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Can’t you see? The war is over!

I don’t know how often I published this pictures already. In 1988 Iraqi Kurdish refugees fled chemical warfare, while the United Nations was negotiating the peace between Iraq and Iran.
Three years later, during the Gulf War in 1991, the Kurds were fleeing again.
At the close of the Gulf War in 1992, the turkish army employed napalm bombs against the Kurds in Northern Iraq, in a campaign against the PKK movement.
In March 1988, the Iraq Army attacking the Kurdish city of Halabja. Summer 1992, the citizens of Halabja are still suffering from injuries caused by the use of chemical weapons.
In winter 1991 Kurds demonstrating for independence and international recognition in front of UN offices all of the province Sulaimania.
The war starts again in winter 1992, Kurdish factions fighting each other for dominance of the national movement.

In summer 2014 it started again and in summer 2015 we still faced the same pictures.
Now in autum 2017 before the referendum, the Turkish army has strengthened the military presence near the border with Iraq.

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angola days – searching for that tune

as usual I woke up by the drums, full of no coffee. LP started the day with his wake up call for the Globo. then we met in #112 and we were searching for the tune. finally the tune was there, we found that Globo-Rock

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Central African Republic – the wild party

the invitation was a surprise. we followed the tracks a while, crossed little rivers untill we reached the place. suddenly they were there. they came from everywhere. the air was full of energy and a lot of drinks where involved. with the drinks the usual fighting started. the big boss told us off

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Niger – searching for Agadez

some years ago I visited my friend Dietrich in Niger. after a couple of days in Niamey, we wanted to go north, to discover Agadez, this famous town in the desert. we started in Niamey the next morning

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Nepal – last day on this road

the next morning we hit the road again. back to Sulichor. on our way down on this new road, we said good bye to all our new friends. we had to go. but on the road we still had fun watching the kids playing, bought some vegetables for dinner next. we spent some fantastic days along the road


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nepal – another day on the road

the next morning we continued with our way up. we passed the farmers plowing rice fields, stopped over at a new established rice mill and finally we stayed over night at the blacksmith house

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nepal – days on the road

we followed the road into the mountains. my friends called them hills, for me the highest mounatins I ever saw. the ghosts showed us the way up into the secrets of the mountains and allowed us in

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ethiopia – the craftsmen

for sure I know these sounds. since my youth they sound so familiar to me. wherever I go I  follow these sounds.  again and again I end up in the places of the craftsmen’s work. here I  learned to understand the spirit and the fascination of their craft. Giovannis print house in Addis Ababa is still one of this places I like to remembers

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vietnam – green tea

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sri lanka – the miner

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the same procedure as every year, James!


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Angola – Idalina makes it!

Jorge and me drove together to Idalinas house in the center of Viana. we  just wanted to do some promotion pictures for vocational training. Idalina was already preparing food and  During the day, we started together with Jorge to develope another idea…., later on, back in theGlobo hotel my neighbors in room 112, the Globo boys Louis Pedro, Edson and their friends  contributed the tunes. the first of our photo novels was created

Nepal – the new road

they had this twinkle and this glance in their eyes, when they talked about the road. a new way to markets, shops,  hospitals and schools somewhere in the middle of nowhere. we wanted to see this new road. they showed us the way somewhere into hills, as say said. we had to climb up to 4000m. they still called this hills, we call this mountains already Himalaya and it’s the top of the earth

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the tusheti road

memories of a vanished world – Aleppo


as time goes by

when I was young #2

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where the demons stay

when I was young

rwanda – one of 1.000.000

south africa – macassar days II