sri lanka

sri lanka journey – waiting for the fish

somewhere in the south of Sri Lanka. Years ago, this region was hit by the tsunami. Day after day I watched the fishermen. we became friends. On my last day, they took me on their boat and we went on a fishing trip in the bay. then they had to pull the net ashore ….

sri lanka – the miner

sri lanka – bus 99

sri lanka journey – perahera festival

for days the town was just talking about the Perahera parade at the temple at the full moon. 70 elephants the monk promised. the first elephants arrived the day before. people waited in the streets. finally with some firework the parade started

the shrimp fisher

we met in the late afternoon. I was on my way back and crossed the lagoon, then I saw the fisher setting up their net. while I was smoking my cigarettes they explained me how they catch the shrimps over night. I waited with them till it became dark. later on I wanted to eat some fish nearby the lagoon. no fresh fish available

sri lanka days – the little priest

we met somewhere on the streets in Jaffna. the little priest just started the ceremony. he invited me to watch while he was worshipping Ganesh, the elephant god. first he washed Ganesh with milk, cleaned Him and dressed Him up, used incense for the air. blessed to the worshippers.  also me

the cool bath

I was dreaming of a refreshing bath. then I ran into these guys. they were sitting next to the road, doing nothing and asked for cigarettes. we smoked. the guys were elephant trainers – mahut. I followed the mahut into the forest and watched the elephants taking their bath. no more space for me

sri lanka journey – the party

the days are over. the sunset is entertaining. times are changing. beautiful light is coming. food is ready. time to celebrate

sri lanka journey – the paradise

Pettah is the paradise, my friends told me long time ago, before I ever had the chance to go there. in Pettah you find all the gimmicks you need, my colleagues explained to me. if you wan to go to Pettah, this is the way, the drivers always showed me the direction. it was clear, I had to go

sri lanka journey – the door

the door drove me crazy. every time I passed by, the door was looked. I tried often. came in the early morning, tried at lunch time and came back in the afternoon. no chance the door was looked. it became a miracle. I saw people going in, but when I came, the door was looked again. today I found the secrete behind the door

sri lanka journey – the bus

we were waiting for the bus. somewhere in the forest nearby the coast. the bus came and we jumped on. a phantastic Mercedes Benz. same age like me. looking out of the window I saw the world with different eyes, from the bus. we were traveling around for a while. the bus stopped in villages, places I never would have been able to see. the bus opend my eyes


the bus is a great project by my GIZ colleagues to attract students to join the vocational training system in the north of Sri Lanka

Vocational Training in the North

sri lanka journey – the tuk-tuk guys

it was a just question of time. and I know it from the early beginning. every evening in Kilinochchi on my way back I passed the workshop. day by day I became more curious, till I stepped in.  I directly fall  in love with the tuk-tuk guys. Ruad, the mechanic showed me all his technics how to repair a tuk-tuk. we had fun taking pictures of each other

sri lanka journey – the ballet dancer

they are magisticians. as usual they came in the dawn. without making noise they started slowly. then they  became more and more excited. for sure they catched the spirit. the dance became faster and faster. screams were loud. the dancer whirled around, they are in trance. they moved faster and faster. then, suddenly they disappeared and left me alone

sri lanka journey – the road master

the last day in Colombo. I ran out of time. too many things to do, too many
people too meet and to say goodbye. Indika the road master rescued me. he took
me around for the last tour