vietnam – green tea

vietnam day’s – the harvest

the road. a lot is happening there, along the roadside. harvesting, treshing, transporting and selling, everything happens in the same time. and it’s not easy to tell

vietnam stories – your days are over

it became the talk of the town. for the first time a buffalo fight took place in town. tickets were sold out some days before. then the big day came. tension was high. the fights started in the early morning. for the buffalos the last chance. the butchers were waiting

vietnam days – the queens

early morning in Hanoi is special. Hanoi is ruled by the ladies with their mobile kitchens. they are the queens of sticky rice, noodle soup, sausages. they have their little fantastic kingdoms at every corner – all the breakfast food is available. each of the ladies is preparing her speciality. everything is perfectly arranged in that elegant way the ladies prepare food.  it’s magic how they keep all what they need in their mobile kitchen so clean and in order

vietnam days – the phở bò

for sure she is the queen of phở bò. she prepares the best noodle soup (phở bò) for breakfast I ever tasted. for years now, I always stop at her shop and have my breakfast soup there. even coming from the airport the first thing I do in Hanoi I go for a phở bò. I always had to hurry up, next costumers are waiting

vietnam days – the eclipse

we were caught by surprise. none of us knew about what would happen. the sky was cloudy and it was difficult to see. just later in the darkroom we realized what happend

vietnam days – the fish

it was a red snapper. the chef prepared the snapper carefully in his kitchen.
first he cleaned the red snapper. in a big pot the fish was steamed. the
chef added a lot of fresh herbs. and that was all. just pure fish. the taste
was good!

vietnam days – the journey

leaving Hanoi. going to the rural area in Vietnam is always a journey into nowhere.  the world is different


Vietnam – the mountain

I always liked to go the mountains amd I did it again. just to watch the time goes by

vietnam days – the craftsmen

I couldn’t sleep. they hammered the whole night next door. early morning I stepped into the pagoda next door to find out what was going on. I found carpenters hammering, sawing and slicing, rebuilding the pagoda.  in the traditional way. they invited me to stay. I stayed and learned a lot. the following night I understood the sound and continued sleeping

vietnam stories – the ceremony

the priest was changing the clothes as fast as possible.  blessing believers, wishes for the future, praying for the harvest and the young couple. I had to support the ceremony with my cigarettes

vietnam stories – the search

I wanted to illustrate green jobs, when I ran into the electro guy Toan. just behind the hotel in the old quarter. I watched him for some hours. he used old wire to repair electro – motors. what a great use of resources. then I set up the green. everthing changed and the street was entertained


vietnam stories – the new world

 just around the corner I discovered a secret new world. this world only exist in the night. a world full of little monsters, dragons and believes. I was allowed in. we, humans, are just accepted as guests in this world. searching for the way out

vietnam stories – the food street

luckily I had a day off and was running around in the old town of Hanoi.  near the lake I stepped into the street full of restaurants. every restaurant offers the same food. phở cuôn – noodle rolls. I started in the first restaurant

vietnam stories – the market

I learned about that market the evening before. Mr Trung the famous driver showed me an text message on his phone, translated by a friend into english. „there is a market for minority groups tomorrow r u want to go?“ he found a good way to communicate. I found the market

vietnam stories – the harbour

little fisher harbours are fantastic. boats come in and the whole business starts. buyers run and jump on boats, check the fish and sign little contracts. the journey of the fish continue on small motorcycles. the harbour gets back into normal. food is ready and tomorrow is another day

vietnam stories – the coffee queen

the preparation of coffee is magic. there is this spirit. then I met Lala, the weasel. for sure, she is the queen of the coffee. the way she walked, the way she choosed the ripe cherries. Tram selected the finest beans. she celebrated the coffee her way. coffee is magic

vietnam stories – the train

to travel by train is great. where ever I have a chance to jump on a train, I do it. just to be on a train and go somewhere. there are always a lot of things happening. the the train stops. all is over

vietnam stories – the late fisher

suddenly the boats appeared. they were late. the sun was already gone. it was not easy to land. they have been the whole day out. finally the catch was poor


vietnam stories – the river

I spent hours watching boats.  the guys were paddling like crazy, exercising for the river black and white. the fishermen came with the early morning sun. they left again. we spent hour time with the nomads further south living on the river. the time pass by on the river banks of the Mekong River. finally I got lost in the delta

vietnam stories – the policeman

for sure it was a mass. nobody was moving. a total standstill. than he came. slowly around the corner. he whistled, waved, shouted and gave directions. he tried his best. suddenly everybody disappeared. it was finished

vietnam stories – Quốc lộ 1A

Quốc lộ 1A is the name for the next 2000km to Hanoi. from the south to the north. it took us four days to reach. on the road again. we crossed the country before we came back to Hanoi. finally I coudn’t sit anymore

vietnam stories – the road

traveling is magic. every meter is different. pinhole – photography is deceleration. in front is the future. behind us the past.

vietnam stories – the spring roll

she didn’t wanted to tell me the recipe for her spring rolls (nem). but she allowed me to watch the making off. and she promised me, that this will be the best spring roll I ever tasted. she was right