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ethiopia – the tukul


I learned my lesson, when I first entered a Tukul. every item in the house and every corner were designed. the bread we were eating was decorated. I understood, people who live here are rich. they have the ability to live here. I only know how to buy food in the supermarket

devil’s party

rwanda – bicycle days


south africa with no fences

playing the ball

a journey to play the ball

southafrica – working class heroes

angola days – searching for that tune

as usual I woke up by the drums, full of no coffee. LP started the day with his wake up call for the Globo. then we met in #112 and we were searching for the tune. finally the tune was there, we found that Globo-Rock

Central African Republic – the wild party

the invitation was a surprise. we followed the tracks a while, crossed little rivers untill we reached the place. suddenly they were there. they came from everywhere. the air was full of energy and a lot of drinks where involved. with the drinks the usual fighting started. the big boss told us off

ethiopia – the craftsmen

for sure I know these sounds. since my youth they sound so familiar to me. wherever I go I  follow these sounds.  again and again I end up in the places of the craftsmen’s work. here I  learned to understand the spirit and the fascination of their craft. Giovannis print house in Addis Ababa is still one of this places I like to remembers

Angola – Idalina makes it!

Jorge and me drove together to Idalinas house in the center of Viana. we  just wanted to do some promotion pictures for vocational training. Idalina was already preparing food and  During the day, we started together with Jorge to develope another idea…., later on, back in theGlobo hotel my neighbors in room 112, the Globo boys Louis Pedro, Edson and their friends  contributed the tunes. the first of our photo novels was created

rwanda – one of 1.000.000

south africa – macassar days II

south african

south africa – macassar days

the charburner

the life of a charburner is illegal. deep in the rain forest. not even a simple track to walk there exist. to follow the river stream is the only way to reach the charcoal kiln in the middle of nowhere. the rainforest is disappearing into charcoal. there is no other access to energy

ethiopia – the book

just hanging out in the fantastic Addis coffee shops, quite busy in doing nothing. we were hungry and had nothing else to do. when we were asked to take pictures

…. for that italian cook book

egypt – the wind

in the middle of the desert I had to ask the kids. I was searching for the wind. I followed the lines as the kids told me. first I believed I found a mirage. then I was sure. I found the place where I could see the wind. we climbed up on top. and I saw the wind

south africa – soweto days I

the moment we moved, everything went well. for days I was looking forward to move and then finally we did it. packed everything into Mpohs car and moved. food was exellent. coffee was not the best. inbetween we entertained Didi, the albino python

angola – globo days

I was searching for a place to stay in Luanda. then I run into the globo hotel.  LP the drummer of #112 was the first member of globo family I run into.  later I met all the others,  Andre the guy at the reception, the rest of band from #112, Anna who was taking care of us, Ihosvanny painted in the ground floor, Kabinda the breakfast queen. luckily they accepted me to stay. room 226. the boys from the band played the whole night

Niger – Agadez

finally!!! we arrived at Agadez and our dreams became true. we were impressed and dragged into the magic of this town


ethiopia – the band at the end of the road

as usual we were hanging out. I came from somewhere and was going to somewhere. in between I had a stopover in Addis. Michael and me, we went to concert in the bar at the end of the street. some downtown kids where playing raggae. the kids celebrated

angola days – future talks part II

photography mets vocational training.

Ok, we did it again. this time Edson and me went to Pavillion 12. photography mets vocational training. in the vocational school in Viana we wanted to show the Addis Ababa exhibition. there was lot of preparation and repair to do. finally we opened the exhibition. the students wanted to photographed with a typical pose of teached professions.then the big rain came and we missed the welder

angola days – future talks part I

               we have been a bunch of photographers and friends in Addis Ababa. we photographed for a group exhibition about „future development“. then the idea was clear. we wanted to show this exhibition in a remote suburb of Luanda. my friend Edson and me went there and opened our first open air exhibition. then we where asked to photograph everyone with their future dreams. we did it and we discovered our first follower

angola days – Luanda

my friend Edson is responsible. he dragged me into his Luanda full of music. the band stayed next door room #112, they played good old rock for breakfast. cool