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Niger – searching for Agadez

some years ago I visited my friend Dietrich in Niger. after a couple of days in Niamey, we wanted to go north, to discover Agadez, this famous town in the desert. we started in Niamey the next morning

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Angola – Idalina makes it!

Jorge and me drove together to Idalinas house in the center of Viana. we  just wanted to do some promotion pictures for vocational training. Idalina was already preparing food and  During the day, we started together with Jorge to develope another idea…., later on, back in theGlobo hotel my neighbors in room 112, the Globo boys Louis Pedro, Edson and their friends  contributed the tunes. the first of our photo novels was created

rwanda – one of 1.000.000

ethiopia – the forest manager

even the satellite pictures showed teh effort the Cangiti people had, managing their forest, the exited scientist of the Berlin Univerisity explained to me at the airport. some weeks later I arrived in Cangiti in the Ethiopian Bale Mountains. I tried to explain the picture from the satellite to the farmers. nobody believed me. a satellite taking pictures of their work to protect the forest, was absurd. so we agreed. its more serious and better to take pictures together again


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Niger – Agadez

finally!!! we arrived at Agadez and our dreams became true. we were impressed and dragged into the magic of this town


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Niger – going to Agadez

early next morning, we left north-east towards Agadez. we passed the river and some water-places. later that day, we stopped over at some millet farmers, watched them cultivating the harsh land. we were impressed. none of us would have the ability to survive under this conditions. the women starting threshing the millet directly. we were invited for food

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making of „trabahar seguro!“

we produced that fine little cartoon movie together in Hotel Globo, Luanda. Ihosvanny was drawing like hell. Jorge passed by. he brought food and drinks. the boys in Room 112 recorded the tunes

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angola days – trabahar seguro!!

Ihosvanny was drawing the whole saturday. we were obsessed to finish that little cartoon movie

days in Niger

coming home after days in Niger. I was sitting in the darkroom with the negatives. every picture editor expected pictures on famine in Niger. I found different stories to tell. none of these pictures were ever printed


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angola days – making of

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Kuduru is more than music. Kuduru is everywhere in the streets of Luanda. we found a little studio downtown. the band where performing on a construction site. finally at the end we started to understand Kuduru. took us a long time