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Nepal – on the road again

full of no coffee. first thing in the morning. we run into that energetic bunch of ladies, who kept us busy for a while. we found the public phone at some point later and ended up in a school again

sri lanka journey – waiting for the fish

somewhere in the south of Sri Lanka. Years ago, this region was hit by the tsunami. Day after day I watched the fishermen. we became friends. On my last day, they took me on their boat and we went on a fishing trip in the bay. then they had to pull the net ashore ….

nepal – the new road

the farmers build this road to have an better access to the sky. for us Sulichor was already quite high and we were soon out of breath. but we wanted to see this new road.  and we started early and crossed the bridge. we were on the new road. we wanted to tough the sky, had some chat with the construction workers and followed the caravans untill the end. we stayed over night

once upon a time – the long way #1

we were neighbors in Cologne. he and his friends just lived next door. and we drove him home when he wanted to go back. It was a long journey before we arrived at his place near Pazarcik, somewhere in southeastern Turkey. but we did not know it was the starting point for us, for a much longer trip to discover Kurdistan in Turkey. in 1984

Nepal – last day on this road

the next morning we hit the road again. back to Sulichor. on our way down on this new road, we said good bye to all our new friends. we had to go. but on the road we still had fun watching the kids playing, bought some vegetables for dinner next. we spent some fantastic days along the road


nepal – another day on the road

the next morning we continued with our way up. we passed the farmers plowing rice fields, stopped over at a new established rice mill and finally we stayed over night at the blacksmith house

nepal – days on the road

we followed the road into the mountains. my friends called them hills, for me the highest mounatins I ever saw. the ghosts showed us the way up into the secrets of the mountains and allowed us in

Nepal – the new road

they had this twinkle and this glance in their eyes, when they talked about the road. a new way to markets, shops,  hospitals and schools somewhere in the middle of nowhere. we wanted to see this new road. they showed us the way somewhere into hills, as say said. we had to climb up to 4000m. they still called this hills, we call this mountains already Himalaya and it’s the top of the earth

sri lanka – bus 99

azerbaijan – land of fire

the believers came from far to worship here. they build the „ateshgah“ the temple of fire and called the country land of fire. it was just 05.30h in the morning and we started drinking wodka with the oilworkers on the Neft Daşları. they were waiting for their salary for 6 month. now 20 years later, I came back.  the president is still from the same family. my workers friends are again waiting for their salary

vietnam day’s – the harvest

the road. a lot is happening there, along the roadside. harvesting, treshing, transporting and selling, everything happens in the same time. and it’s not easy to tell

sri lanka journey – perahera festival

for days the town was just talking about the Perahera parade at the temple at the full moon. 70 elephants the monk promised. the first elephants arrived the day before. people waited in the streets. finally with some firework the parade started

the shrimp fisher

we met in the late afternoon. I was on my way back and crossed the lagoon, then I saw the fisher setting up their net. while I was smoking my cigarettes they explained me how they catch the shrimps over night. I waited with them till it became dark. later on I wanted to eat some fish nearby the lagoon. no fresh fish available

vietnam stories – your days are over

it became the talk of the town. for the first time a buffalo fight took place in town. tickets were sold out some days before. then the big day came. tension was high. the fights started in the early morning. for the buffalos the last chance. the butchers were waiting

vietnam days – the queens

early morning in Hanoi is special. Hanoi is ruled by the ladies with their mobile kitchens. they are the queens of sticky rice, noodle soup, sausages. they have their little fantastic kingdoms at every corner – all the breakfast food is available. each of the ladies is preparing her speciality. everything is perfectly arranged in that elegant way the ladies prepare food.  it’s magic how they keep all what they need in their mobile kitchen so clean and in order

vietnam days – the phở bò

for sure she is the queen of phở bò. she prepares the best noodle soup (phở bò) for breakfast I ever tasted. for years now, I always stop at her shop and have my breakfast soup there. even coming from the airport the first thing I do in Hanoi I go for a phở bò. I always had to hurry up, next costumers are waiting

vietnam days – the fish

it was a red snapper. the chef prepared the snapper carefully in his kitchen.
first he cleaned the red snapper. in a big pot the fish was steamed. the
chef added a lot of fresh herbs. and that was all. just pure fish. the taste
was good!

vietnam days – the journey

leaving Hanoi. going to the rural area in Vietnam is always a journey into nowhere.  the world is different


Vietnam – the mountain

I always liked to go the mountains amd I did it again. just to watch the time goes by

become a welder

we discussed a lot, before we started together to take the pictures. our idea was to explain the necessary preparation for a welder. Our new friend the teacher had the idea to take the pictures step by step. we did it together. the pictures became a success. he was proud of being the teacher in the pictures


sri lanka days – the little priest

we met somewhere on the streets in Jaffna. the little priest just started the ceremony. he invited me to watch while he was worshipping Ganesh, the elephant god. first he washed Ganesh with milk, cleaned Him and dressed Him up, used incense for the air. blessed to the worshippers.  also me

vietnam days – the craftsmen

I couldn’t sleep. they hammered the whole night next door. early morning I stepped into the pagoda next door to find out what was going on. I found carpenters hammering, sawing and slicing, rebuilding the pagoda.  in the traditional way. they invited me to stay. I stayed and learned a lot. the following night I understood the sound and continued sleeping

vietnam stories – the ceremony

the priest was changing the clothes as fast as possible.  blessing believers, wishes for the future, praying for the harvest and the young couple. I had to support the ceremony with my cigarettes

the cool bath

I was dreaming of a refreshing bath. then I ran into these guys. they were sitting next to the road, doing nothing and asked for cigarettes. we smoked. the guys were elephant trainers – mahut. I followed the mahut into the forest and watched the elephants taking their bath. no more space for me