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Nepal – last day on this road

the next morning we hit the road again. back to Sulichor. on our way down on this new road, we said good bye to all our new friends. we had to go. but on the road we still had fun watching the kids playing, bought some vegetables for dinner next. we spent some fantastic days along the road


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Nepal – on the road again

full of no coffee. first thing in the morning. we run into that energetic bunch of ladies, who kept us busy for a while. we found the public phone at some point later and ended up in a school again

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vietnam days – the fish

it was a red snapper. the chef prepared the snapper carefully in his kitchen.
first he cleaned the red snapper. in a big pot the fish was steamed. the
chef added a lot of fresh herbs. and that was all. just pure fish. the taste
was good!

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vietnam stories – the market

I learned about that market the evening before. Mr Trung the famous driver showed me an text message on his phone, translated by a friend into english. „there is a market for minority groups tomorrow r u want to go?“ he found a good way to communicate. I found the market

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vietnam stories – the late fisher

suddenly the boats appeared. they were late. the sun was already gone. it was not easy to land. they have been the whole day out. finally the catch was poor

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vietnam stories – the road

traveling is magic. every meter is different. pinhole – photography is deceleration. in front is the future. behind us the past.

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japan – the mountain

finally I did it. with a group of  Yamabushi (mountain monks) we climbed the holy  Mt. Nantai (Nantai san). at midnight we started to reach the peak before sunrise. the Yamabushi  wanted to practice a Shugendo prayer in the early light of the sun. because of me we were a bit late

Shinto, the native Religion in Japan, is practiced by several Million Japanese, by worshiping different regional gods (kami) in public shrines, following regional rites and rituals.

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vietnam- the other world

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flying to Hanoi is special. leaving home  just after lunch. rushing to the airport. jumping on the plane. waking up in a different world. arriving in Hanoi a world full of no coffee. coffee in the plane is not drinakable. watching the street is the first adventure in the early morning hours.

the rain

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the rain came quick. really quick. nearly too quick for me. the whole morning everybody in town talked about the rain will come. the rain came and it really rained. water flooded the street. suddenly after half hour the rain stopped. everything went back to normal. first a coffee


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