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Kreuzberg tales V

Ok, we were young and wild. we wanted to change the world. for some strange reason this idea always ended up in some fighting in the streets. since then a lot of things changed in my little neighbourhood Kreuzberg. we became famous and a newborn tourist attraction with bars and music clubs

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Kreuzberg tales II

many years ago I discovered a hidden world. just next door.  my neighbors come here from all over the world. they brought their religion with. the backyards of my neighborhood have become very spiritual and I am blessed by all religions

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Kreuzberg tales

more then 30 years I’m living now in this neighbourhood Kreuzberg, a Berlin quarter. in the early years it used to be the end of the world. the berlin wall surrounded us in this days. now Kreuzberg has changed. going around today is sometimes more than crazy. always there are new thing to discover. Kreuzberg is full of stories to tell. but all in its proper time

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… their days are over, my friend, this was the end ….

Kreuzberg tales XIII

night mets the day.  every morning the same. we all met there. coming back from the bar, going to work, or just hanging out. in front of the newspaper kiosk near the Kottbusser Tor. in 1987



Kreuzberg tales III

everything changed during this night in November 89. I woke up next morning and nothing was like the day before. the wall fell down. and my neighborhood chnanged. the checkpoints between East Berlin and West Berlin were open. today the wall and Mitropa became a tourist attraction

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gdr – once upon a time

once upon the time there was a country…. doesn’t exist anymore

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Kreuzberg tales IX

my favorite. I’m a fan of Hillmann, the little food store in Kreuzberg. it was in the middle of the 80, when Hillmann opened his shop. the wall was still there and he imported good food from the black forest region. this was a big difference to all this supermarket food available here. since years Vivianne and Harry are working here. we are all depending on the little shop

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Lebensmittel Hillmann, Oranienstr. 20, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel: 030.614 56 44,

kreuzberg tales XIV

these workshops in the backyards of Berlin always attracted me to look through the windows. my friend Norbert is a carpenter in my old neighbourhood Kreuzberg. and I like to watch him through his window, if I pass by. he does this fantastic handmade furniture I really like.  my apartment is much to small for all these things, but it’s fun to watch him

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Kreuzberg tales VII

today I run into bikefix the bicycle workshop of my friend Ali next door. disturbed him quite for a while. but I had to maintain the bicycles for the roadtrip next week. some years ago Ali started to work as a kind of social worker in the neighbourhood in a bicycle shop for kids

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Bikefix, Reichenbergerstr. 6, 10999 Berlin, Tel: 030. 66 40 26 65,

Kreuzberg tales IV

we took photos of their theatre play. my friends introduced me into the turkish culture of  Kreuzberg. we went into coffee shops, drunk tea, watched the time pass by, saw the kids dancing and listened to the band „Kannaks with brain“. now their kids already play theatre

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Kreuzberg tales VI

it’s to hot now. my neighbours are already all sitting outside and eating. everybody else is trying to escape to the water close by. using the old boats from the childhood again. even in this temperature tourist are still running around in the neighbourhood. No mercy!

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Kreuzberg tales X

we ran into the band from Lippetal playing under the subway station Warschauer Strasse in Kreuzberg. it was that evening. the thunderstorm came to Berlin. we ran away from the rain. they were cool and tried to play some songs from my hometown Cologne for me. we could offer them some likor from Hanoi/Vietnam. they became better

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Kreuzberg tales – Matto’s realm

for years my friend Hansi managed the bar next door.  „Matto“ was the name. after the book „in Matto’s realm“ by the swiss writer Friedrich Glauser. it must be the influence of that book, the drinker’s just came within that spirit.  we were living in „Matto’s realm „.  Matto  was ruling  us.  luckely Hansi closed the bar

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the days are over #001

it is along long time ago. first time he came in 1945. Boris Solotirevki was a jewish soldier in the red army. he fought for the liberation of Berlin.  we found his traces in the Reichstag. he came back

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Kreuzberg tales VIII

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he’s the king of merguez! For sure!! I already gave up searching for a good butcher next door, till I stepped into his butchery. he recommended merguez. since than I’m addicted. every day around 14.00h he prepares fresh merguez

religion in exile – ethiopian orthodox church

there was a different world behind the door. there was a secret to find. somewhere in the middle of Berlin

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the kid

we met in the circus. the elder ones were training in the cage. we watched them walking, exercising and jumping. suddenly I realised that the kid was staring at
me all the time. I felt uncomfortable. before it invited me to look at its teeth, I had to run


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ramadan stories

a while ago I stepped into the little Mosque around the corner of our studio. we always met on the street and I was invited for some turkish coffee or tea. I liked to visited the mosque. later on I was called to photographe the preparation of Ramadan. first I watched the Quran lessons for the kids

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ramadan stories III

during Ramadan everybody in my little mosque is reading Quran for the whole afternoon.  they all wait for the call of the muazzin to celebrate the evening pray. after the pray the break together the fasting and start eating. the Mullah is blesses everybody. even me

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ramadan stories II

everything is changing now in my neighbourhood. the religious fasting Ramadan started. years ago we had goods times together, taking pictures. every evening my friends are celebrating the Iftar – breaking the fasting – together in the mosque. they always inviting me to come in and join. times are changing and I don’t like to go anymore….

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looking out of my window

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looking out of my window. Karl-Marx Platz in Berlin-Neukölln is special. always I’m glued to my window. just to watch what’s happening on the street. even after 20 years beeing at the sqare, every day is somethinmg new. cool


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