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yemen – the story

I’m really addicted to this taste.  coffee tastes like chocolate, sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter. since my first cup of coffee I always wanted to see where coffee grows. the story of  coffee started from here, the port of Mokha in Yemen. Mokka was the name of the first coffee served in Stanbul, Vienna, Le Havre and Amsterdam
Mokha doesn’t exist anymore

Angola – Idalina makes it!

Jorge and me drove together to Idalinas house in the center of Viana. we  just wanted to do some promotion pictures for vocational training. Idalina was already preparing food and  During the day, we started together with Jorge to develope another idea…., later on, back in theGlobo hotel my neighbors in room 112, the Globo boys Louis Pedro, Edson and their friends  contributed the tunes. the first of our photo novels was created

making of „trabahar seguro!“

we produced that fine little cartoon movie together in Hotel Globo, Luanda. Ihosvanny was drawing like hell. Jorge passed by. he brought food and drinks. the boys in Room 112 recorded the tunes

angola days – trabahar seguro!!

Ihosvanny was drawing the whole saturday. we were obsessed to finish that little cartoon movie

ethiopia – there is something magic in coffee

Abdullah and Omar introduced me to the magic.  we spent hour’s together. they send me on the road of coffee. I met farmers, buyers and friends just to drag me into the deap secrets of coffee. the long exciting journey started. I became addicted to coffee


the worker


since the time, when I was young and we were dreaming of of a working class revolution, I have to go into every factory on my way. everywhere on my journeys I have to go into the factory and tell the stories of the workers. nothing has changed since our early dreams 40 years ago

ethiopia – coffee shops

 Omar told me long stories about the magic of the Addis Ababa coffee shops. his eyes were shining when he started to talk about Enrico, Yordanos and Mekonen. we spent days searching for tis athmesphere again. he showed me Enricos with the great cake, Yordanos and Mekonen at Piaza. some of them still had the athmospehere we are looking for

vietnam stories – the coffee queen

the preparation of coffee is magic. there is this spirit. then I met Lala, the weasel. for sure, she is the queen of the coffee. the way she walked, the way she choosed the ripe cherries. Tram selected the finest beans. she celebrated the coffee her way. coffee is magic