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Bärbelchen’s dreams

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when I was young #2

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where the demons stay

when I was young

oenothera biennis – living for one night

live in the box

for years they have been there. nobody paid any attention. all this little boxes were just there, for years. now I don’t understand, why nobody had the idea to open them over all this years. I found the whole family life over the last century here. finally one question remained, who is that guy in my grandmothers jewellery box

Hilde – the ritual

there was an anual ritual in Hilde’s garden. the apple tree. Hilde loved her apple tree. since I was young this tree has been there. I used to climb in that tree to collect the apples for her. now this apple tree is the last remaining tree in Hilde’s garden.  year by year it has more fruits than the year before. Hilde still collected the apples every year

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we know each other now for years. we grow up together. my sister Nicole. she managed everything at home for Hilde. now she’s alone in the house

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religion – the ceremony

they started in the total darkness. the priest had to use a flashlight to read. at 4.ooh in the morning they started to light the fire and brought the candle into the dark church. at 8.00h the priest started with the third liturgy

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Hilde’s playtime

this is new. Hilde discovered the wooden blocks from our childhood to play with. she likes to organize the colours. the crystal clear sound of the blocks is more entertaining. until the late afternoon tea

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Hilde’s toys

we used to play a  lot with this toys over the years, when we were young and constructed  our own futuristic world with this toys. Wilma found them and she introduced the toys to Hilde. Hilde is busy now to organize and construct her fancy new world. she has fun

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Hilde’s forest

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for sure this is Hildes forest. everyday she is going for a walk into the forest. since years. believe me, over all the years she knows every single tree. it is her forest

Hilde’s hats

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Hilde loves hats, for sure. maybe because her mother was working as a milliner. she has plenty of hats and she loves all of them. still she doesn’t like to leave the house without a hat