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sri lanka journey – waiting for the fish

somewhere in the south of Sri Lanka. Years ago, this region was hit by the tsunami. Day after day I watched the fishermen. we became friends. On my last day, they took me on their boat and we went on a fishing trip in the bay. then they had to pull the net ashore ….

the shrimp fisher

we met in the late afternoon. I was on my way back and crossed the lagoon, then I saw the fisher setting up their net. while I was smoking my cigarettes they explained me how they catch the shrimps over night. I waited with them till it became dark. later on I wanted to eat some fish nearby the lagoon. no fresh fish available

vietnam stories – the late fisher

suddenly the boats appeared. they were late. the sun was already gone. it was not easy to land. they have been the whole day out. finally the catch was poor


maldivian days – the taste

the day started perfect. breakfast in the bar next door. tuna with coconut and lemon. a little bit spice. tasted like a paradise. later I understood this perfect taste. I stepped into the fish market