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ethiopia – the book

just hanging out in the fantastic Addis coffee shops, quite busy in doing nothing. we were hungry and had nothing else to do. when we were asked to take pictures

…. for that italian cook book

vietnam days – the queens

early morning in Hanoi is special. Hanoi is ruled by the ladies with their mobile kitchens. they are the queens of sticky rice, noodle soup, sausages. they have their little fantastic kingdoms at every corner – all the breakfast food is available. each of the ladies is preparing her speciality. everything is perfectly arranged in that elegant way the ladies prepare food.  it’s magic how they keep all what they need in their mobile kitchen so clean and in order

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vietnam days – the phở bò

for sure she is the queen of phở bò. she prepares the best noodle soup (phở bò) for breakfast I ever tasted. for years now, I always stop at her shop and have my breakfast soup there. even coming from the airport the first thing I do in Hanoi I go for a phở bò. I always had to hurry up, next costumers are waiting

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vietnam stories – the food street

luckily I had a day off and was running around in the old town of Hanoi.  near the lake I stepped into the street full of restaurants. every restaurant offers the same food. phở cuôn – noodle rolls. I started in the first restaurant

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vietnam stories – the food

Bun Bo. the best Bun Bo in town. I found it just next to my Hotel in Duong Thanh St in Hanoi. she cooked so elegantly, that I always stopped on the way back to the hotel to watch her. first she carefully fried garlic, then thin sliced beef (bo), after that she added the rice noodles (bun). then she tops everything with peanuts and fried onions. finally she adds her secret. now a year later she’s gone

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ethiopia – the tibs

we started late. as usual. my falt. Michael had the idea to have some tibs for dinner. so we started cruizing through the city. Alan old mercedes was running perfectly. listening to the music played by the  local radio stadio we reached the place. tibs is soemthing special in Ethiopia. this butcher is special place for tibs. rich and poor is meeting here to have tibs. usualy everybody comes here for raw tibs with berberie. they prepared special Zizil Tibs for me. the best I ever had

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the wine

he named his red wine „Roter Hecker“. wow, a wine with the name of a German revolutionary from the 19th century. that sounded great for me. „Edler Struve“ is the name of his white wine. another revolutionary. my friend Manfred invited me to visit the vintage on his vineyard. we spent a couple of great days in the vineyard. Manfred convinced me to drink the wine. I discovered and liked more his fantastic spirits


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