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devil’s party

where the demons stay

the charburner

the life of a charburner is illegal. deep in the rain forest. not even a simple track to walk there exist. to follow the river stream is the only way to reach the charcoal kiln in the middle of nowhere. the rainforest is disappearing into charcoal. there is no other access to energy

ethiopia – the forest manager

even the satellite pictures showed teh effort the Cangiti people had, managing their forest, the exited scientist of the Berlin Univerisity explained to me at the airport. some weeks later I arrived in Cangiti in the Ethiopian Bale Mountains. I tried to explain the picture from the satellite to the farmers. nobody believed me. a satellite taking pictures of their work to protect the forest, was absurd. so we agreed. its more serious and better to take pictures together again


central african republic – the days

they smoked my cigarettes like hell. we spent a couple of days in the jungle together. my pygmies friends laughed when I was trying to walk in the rainforest. they teached me how to survive in the forest. later on we had a big party. we smoked again


the cool bath

I was dreaming of a refreshing bath. then I ran into these guys. they were sitting next to the road, doing nothing and asked for cigarettes. we smoked. the guys were elephant trainers – mahut. I followed the mahut into the forest and watched the elephants taking their bath. no more space for me

again in the forest

back in my forest. since I was young I like to go into this forest. deep in the forest I spent hours there watching birds, enjoyed to see the flowers growing. I was laying on the ground until I had to go back home. still this is my place. nothing changed since

madagascar – the project

we had a good time together. for me it was fun to be there in the north of the island, there where the people speak a bit arabic. finally we became friends in the days we stayed together. some years ago the people from the project encouraged the char-burners to plant eucalyptus trees. instead of slashing the rainforest. now they are harvesting the eucalyptus tress and produce charcoal for the local market. without toughing the rain forest anymore

Hilde’s forest

for sure this is Hildes forest. everyday she is going for a walk into the forest. since years. believe me, over all the years she knows every single tree. it is her forest