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vietnam day’s – the harvest

the road. a lot is happening there, along the roadside. harvesting, treshing, transporting and selling, everything happens in the same time. and it’s not easy to tell

Niger – going to Agadez

early next morning, we left north-east towards Agadez. we passed the river and some water-places. later that day, we stopped over at some millet farmers, watched them cultivating the harsh land. we were impressed. none of us would have the ability to survive under this conditions. the women starting threshing the millet directly. we were invited for food

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the wine

he named his red wine „Roter Hecker“. wow, a wine with the name of a German revolutionary from the 19th century. that sounded great for me. „Edler Struve“ is the name of his white wine. another revolutionary. my friend Manfred invited me to visit the vintage on his vineyard. we spent a couple of great days in the vineyard. Manfred convinced me to drink the wine. I discovered and liked more his fantastic spirits


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