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once upon a time – the street

for years, the factory has set the rhythm of life here on the street. all the time I knew the street it was 6’clock, 14’clock and 22’clock. the street was packed then. going to work or coming out. for me the street became my lifeline, while I was working in the factory. the street gave me everything I needed; breakfast, lunch or a couple of beer’s at night

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once upon a time – the idea

the idea was simple. very simple and cristal clear. 1979 – we were young and full of energy. people couldn’t find places to stay. the houses were left empty by the houseowners. so we take the house, clean them and give them to the people. the houses belong to the people, was the idea. and we were not alone. we became part of an international movement

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talking trees

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the christmass-tree


„Alle Jahre wieder…..”

Every year again
Comes the Christ
Child Down to earth
Where we humans are.

every year Hilde and Nicole are preparing their christmass tree. later on Nicole plays the song on her flute. years ago Hilde had prepaired little presents for everyone,now Nicole takes over this responsbility

Hilde – the ritual

there was an anual ritual in Hilde’s garden. the apple tree. Hilde loved her apple tree. since I was young this tree has been there. I used to climb in that tree to collect the apples for her. now this apple tree is the last remaining tree in Hilde’s garden.  year by year it has more fruits than the year before. Hilde still collected the apples every year

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Hilde – the journey

some weeks ago Hilde took us for a journey into the past. she found the old photo albums . since then Hilde is diving through the pictures. there are some funny ones of Franz and the „little kids“.  she found pictures of her 50th birthday, nearly 40years ago. some photos of uncle Herbert appeared, just after he married. nobody of us would have remembered him

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Hilde – the apple pie

autumn was a paradise. we were kids and every autum was a competition in our family. who’s making the best apple pie. everday apple pie for us. today there is no more competition since 20 years. Hilde liked to make apple pie in autumn

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we know each other now for years. we grow up together. my sister Nicole. she managed everything at home for Hilde. now she’s alone in the house

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strong Hilde

 Hilde slept for four days in the hospital. today she woke up and started again. strong Hilde

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Hilde’s playtime

this is new. Hilde discovered the wooden blocks from our childhood to play with. she likes to organize the colours. the crystal clear sound of the blocks is more entertaining. until the late afternoon tea

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Hilde’s walk

every afternoon Hilde used to walk around the quarter. still she knows all the houses and the stories behind the gates. it was here area over all the years

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Hildes garden

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the garden is her paradise. since I was young Hilde spent every free minute in her garden. she planted potatoes, vegetables and fruits. even I had a piece of garden to  grew salads. I was allowed to sell the salad. till now in her age of 88 Hilde still likes to go into her garden. she’s still proud of her plants

Hilde’s hats

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Hilde loves hats, for sure. maybe because her mother was working as a milliner. she has plenty of hats and she loves all of them. still she doesn’t like to leave the house without a hat

Hilde’s kitchen

always Hilde had something special in her mind to try out for cooking . she searched for new recipes all the time. beside all her new stuff  her fried potatoes are the best it was always fun to eat Hilde’s fried potatoes. still we she’s a master in peeling potatoes. today we had our fried potatoes again after years