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angola days – searching for that tune

as usual I woke up by the drums, full of no coffee. LP started the day with his wake up call for the Globo. then we met in #112 and we were searching for the tune. finally the tune was there, we found that Globo-Rock

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Kreuzberg tales X

we ran into the band from Lippetal playing under the subway station Warschauer Strasse in Kreuzberg. it was that evening. the thunderstorm came to Berlin. we ran away from the rain. they were cool and tried to play some songs from my hometown Cologne for me. we could offer them some likor from Hanoi/Vietnam. they became better

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angola days – making of

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Kuduru is more than music. Kuduru is everywhere in the streets of Luanda. we found a little studio downtown. the band where performing on a construction site. finally at the end we started to understand Kuduru. took us a long time

angola days – working class hero

we were hanging out in some downtown bars in Luanda. listening to the beats from the local station. we had to do a music clip to promote the idea of vocational training in Angola. later on we found the kid from the band os k.baila and we did it