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the christmass-tree


„Alle Jahre wieder…..”

Every year again
Comes the Christ
Child Down to earth
Where we humans are.

every year Hilde and Nicole are preparing their christmass tree. later on Nicole plays the song on her flute. years ago Hilde had prepaired little presents for everyone,now Nicole takes over this responsbility


we know each other now for years. we grow up together. my sister Nicole. she managed everything at home for Hilde. now she’s alone in the house

the worker


since the time, when I was young and we were dreaming of of a working class revolution, I have to go into every factory on my way. everywhere on my journeys I have to go into the factory and tell the stories of the workers. nothing has changed since our early dreams 40 years ago

Hildes garden

the garden is her paradise. since I was young Hilde spent every free minute in her garden. she planted potatoes, vegetables and fruits. even I had a piece of garden to  grew salads. I was allowed to sell the salad. till now in her age of 88 Hilde still likes to go into her garden. she’s still proud of her plants

Hilde’s forest

for sure this is Hildes forest. everyday she is going for a walk into the forest. since years. believe me, over all the years she knows every single tree. it is her forest

Hilde’s kitchen

always Hilde had something special in her mind to try out for cooking . she searched for new recipes all the time. beside all her new stuff  her fried potatoes are the best it was always fun to eat Hilde’s fried potatoes. still we she’s a master in peeling potatoes. today we had our fried potatoes again after years