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Kreuzberg tales II

many years ago I discovered a hidden world. just next door.  my neighbors come here from all over the world. they brought their religion with. the backyards of my neighborhood have become very spiritual and I am blessed by all religions

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we have Wuppertal

there is no reason to come here. normally. nothing special here. sometimes the train doesn’t even stop. the suspension railway is moving through the middle of the town. good friday is different


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CENTURION: Where is Brian of Remscheid?!
BRIAN: You sanctimonious bastards!
CENTURION: I have an order for his release!
BRIAN: You stupid bastards!
MR. CHEEKY: Uh, I’m Brian of Remscheid.
BRIAN: What?!
MR. CHEEKY: Yeah, I– I– I’m Brian of Remscheid.
CENTURION: Take him down!
BRIAN: I’m Brian of Remscheid!
VICTIM #1: Eh, I’m Brian!
MR. BIG NOSE: I’m Brian!
VICTIM #2: Look, I’m Brian!
BRIAN: I’m Brian!
VICTIMS: I’m Brian!
GREGORY: I’m Brian, and so’s my wife!
VICTIMS: I’m Brian! I’m Brian!…
BRIAN: I’m Brian of Remscheid!
CENTURION: All right. Take him away and release him.
MR. CHEEKY: No, I’m only joking. I’m not really Brian. No, I’m not Brian. I was only– It was a joke. I’m only pulling your leg! It’s a joke! I’m not him! I’m just having you on! Put me back! Bloody Romans! Can’t take a joke!

the christmass-tree


„Alle Jahre wieder…..”

Every year again
Comes the Christ
Child Down to earth
Where we humans are.

every year Hilde and Nicole are preparing their christmass tree. later on Nicole plays the song on her flute. years ago Hilde had prepaired little presents for everyone,now Nicole takes over this responsbility

ethiopia – the believe

I was searching for traditional believes. on the journey I stepped into every mosques I saw along the road side. always I found the book. I realised I was following the book. then I found the believers somewhere in the remote mounatins of Ethiopia

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sri lanka days – the little priest

we met somewhere on the streets in Jaffna. the little priest just started the ceremony. he invited me to watch while he was worshipping Ganesh, the elephant god. first he washed Ganesh with milk, cleaned Him and dressed Him up, used incense for the air. blessed to the worshippers.  also me

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vietnam stories – the ceremony

the priest was changing the clothes as fast as possible.  blessing believers, wishes for the future, praying for the harvest and the young couple. I had to support the ceremony with my cigarettes

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religion – the ceremony

they started in the total darkness. the priest had to use a flashlight to read. at 4.ooh in the morning they started to light the fire and brought the candle into the dark church. at 8.00h the priest started with the third liturgy

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religion in exile – ethiopian orthodox church

there was a different world behind the door. there was a secret to find. somewhere in the middle of Berlin

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religion in exile – greek orthodox church

I was searching. for years I tried to follow all the different religions. I stepped into every church crossing my way. finally I gave up

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ramadan stories

a while ago I stepped into the little Mosque around the corner of our studio. we always met on the street and I was invited for some turkish coffee or tea. I liked to visited the mosque. later on I was called to photographe the preparation of Ramadan. first I watched the Quran lessons for the kids

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ramadan stories III

during Ramadan everybody in my little mosque is reading Quran for the whole afternoon.  they all wait for the call of the muazzin to celebrate the evening pray. after the pray the break together the fasting and start eating. the Mullah is blesses everybody. even me

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ramadan stories II

everything is changing now in my neighbourhood. the religious fasting Ramadan started. years ago we had goods times together, taking pictures. every evening my friends are celebrating the Iftar – breaking the fasting – together in the mosque. they always inviting me to come in and join. times are changing and I don’t like to go anymore….

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japan – the mountain

finally I did it. with a group of  Yamabushi (mountain monks) we climbed the holy  Mt. Nantai (Nantai san). at midnight we started to reach the peak before sunrise. the Yamabushi  wanted to practice a Shugendo prayer in the early light of the sun. because of me we were a bit late

Shinto, the native Religion in Japan, is practiced by several Million Japanese, by worshiping different regional gods (kami) in public shrines, following regional rites and rituals.

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