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on the road – the bicycle

for some years I collected all the money and than finally I could buy one.I bought my first own bicycle, when I was 13. it was a nice white french racing bike. like the one Bernard Thevenet wone the tour. ten gears and I felt like a king. I used to rid the bike with a glance in my eyes!

I still see this glance in the eyes all over the world

Nepal – on the road again

full of no coffee. first thing in the morning. we run into that energetic bunch of ladies, who kept us busy for a while. we found the public phone at some point later and ended up in a school again

nepal – the new road

the farmers build this road to have an better access to the sky. for us Sulichor was already quite high and we were soon out of breath. but we wanted to see this new road.  and we started early and crossed the bridge. we were on the new road. we wanted to tough the sky, had some chat with the construction workers and followed the caravans untill the end. we stayed over night

once upon a time – king of the road

it was the beginning of a long journey. and we followed this road, not knowing where we would end up. we didn’t knew that this was the last journey through Turkey in 1984, we could do in peace

once upon a time – gecekondular

they arrived all together with the sunset after traveling a couple of days from the far east. and they came full of dreams and in their best clothes. but now they had to hurry up. the roof had to be build overnight in the gecekondu. the roof was there the next morning and protected their dreams. they were tired but happy because they became part of the ommunitiy in one of the illegal gecekondular around Istanbul. everything was organized by inhabitants themself. they are looking after the water and sanitation, the electricity and the roads. even the public busses started to stop at the gecekondu

Niger – searching for Agadez

some years ago I visited my friend Dietrich in Niger. after a couple of days in Niamey, we wanted to go north, to discover Agadez, this famous town in the desert. we started in Niamey the next morning

Nepal – last day on this road

the next morning we hit the road again. back to Sulichor. on our way down on this new road, we said good bye to all our new friends. we had to go. but on the road we still had fun watching the kids playing, bought some vegetables for dinner next. we spent some fantastic days along the road


nepal – another day on the road

the next morning we continued with our way up. we passed the farmers plowing rice fields, stopped over at a new established rice mill and finally we stayed over night at the blacksmith house

nepal – days on the road

we followed the road into the mountains. my friends called them hills, for me the highest mounatins I ever saw. the ghosts showed us the way up into the secrets of the mountains and allowed us in

Nepal – the new road

they had this twinkle and this glance in their eyes, when they talked about the road. a new way to markets, shops,  hospitals and schools somewhere in the middle of nowhere. we wanted to see this new road. they showed us the way somewhere into hills, as say said. we had to climb up to 4000m. they still called this hills, we call this mountains already Himalaya and it’s the top of the earth

south africa – macassar days

Article 1.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

vietnam day’s – the harvest

the road. a lot is happening there, along the roadside. harvesting, treshing, transporting and selling, everything happens in the same time. and it’s not easy to tell

sri lanka journey – perahera festival

for days the town was just talking about the Perahera parade at the temple at the full moon. 70 elephants the monk promised. the first elephants arrived the day before. people waited in the streets. finally with some firework the parade started

Vietnam – the mountain

I always liked to go the mountains amd I did it again. just to watch the time goes by

Niger – going to Agadez

early next morning, we left north-east towards Agadez. we passed the river and some water-places. later that day, we stopped over at some millet farmers, watched them cultivating the harsh land. we were impressed. none of us would have the ability to survive under this conditions. the women starting threshing the millet directly. we were invited for food

cambodia – motorcycle days

riding amotorcycle is cool. I’m addicted to motorcycles. I arrived in Phnom Penh and picked up by a Tuk Tuk at the airport. he drove me around in the city. great days


strong Hilde

 Hilde slept for four days in the hospital. today she woke up and started again. strong Hilde

vietnam stories – the policeman

for sure it was a mass. nobody was moving. a total standstill. than he came. slowly around the corner. he whistled, waved, shouted and gave directions. he tried his best. suddenly everybody disappeared. it was finished

vietnam stories – the road

traveling is magic. every meter is different. pinhole – photography is deceleration. in front is the future. behind us the past.

days in Niger

coming home after days in Niger. I was sitting in the darkroom with the negatives. every picture editor expected pictures on famine in Niger. I found different stories to tell. none of these pictures were ever printed


sri lanka journey – the road master

the last day in Colombo. I ran out of time. too many things to do, too many
people too meet and to say goodbye. Indika the road master rescued me. he took
me around for the last tour

the green

all about green. we discussed some days, what is green. we found no answer. than I decided to leave Hanoi and search for the green. I had to ask a lot of people. they took me on a boat and showed me the way to the mountains to find the green. here I had to ask again. they send me to the kitchen. now I know where to find the green