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devil’s party

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once upon a time – king of the road

it was the beginning of a long journey. and we followed this road, not knowing where we would end up. we didn’t knew that this was the last journey through Turkey in 1984, we could do in peace

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memories of a vanished world – Aleppo


sri lanka journey – perahera festival

for days the town was just talking about the Perahera parade at the temple at the full moon. 70 elephants the monk promised. the first elephants arrived the day before. people waited in the streets. finally with some firework the parade started

Kreuzberg tales III

everything changed during this night in November 89. I woke up next morning and nothing was like the day before. the wall fell down. and my neighborhood chnanged. the checkpoints between East Berlin and West Berlin were open. today the wall and Mitropa became a tourist attraction

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vietnam stories – the train

to travel by train is great. where ever I have a chance to jump on a train, I do it. just to be on a train and go somewhere. there are always a lot of things happening. the the train stops. all is over

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vietnam stories – the road

traveling is magic. every meter is different. pinhole – photography is deceleration. in front is the future. behind us the past.

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sri lanka journey – the road master

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the last day in Colombo. I ran out of time. too many things to do, too many
people too meet and to say goodbye. Indika the road master rescued me. he took
me around for the last tour