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south africa – soweto days I

the moment we moved, everything went well. for days I was looking forward to move and then finally we did it. packed everything into Mpohs car and moved. food was exellent. coffee was not the best. inbetween we entertained Didi, the albino python

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vietnam stories – your days are over

it became the talk of the town. for the first time a buffalo fight took place in town. tickets were sold out some days before. then the big day came. tension was high. the fights started in the early morning. for the buffalos the last chance. the butchers were waiting

Kreuzberg tales XIII

night mets the day.  every morning the same. we all met there. coming back from the bar, going to work, or just hanging out. in front of the newspaper kiosk near the Kottbusser Tor. in 1987



vietnam days – the queens

early morning in Hanoi is special. Hanoi is ruled by the ladies with their mobile kitchens. they are the queens of sticky rice, noodle soup, sausages. they have their little fantastic kingdoms at every corner – all the breakfast food is available. each of the ladies is preparing her speciality. everything is perfectly arranged in that elegant way the ladies prepare food.  it’s magic how they keep all what they need in their mobile kitchen so clean and in order

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vietnam days – the phở bò

for sure she is the queen of phở bò. she prepares the best noodle soup (phở bò) for breakfast I ever tasted. for years now, I always stop at her shop and have my breakfast soup there. even coming from the airport the first thing I do in Hanoi I go for a phở bò. I always had to hurry up, next costumers are waiting

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gdr – once upon a time

once upon the time there was a country…. doesn’t exist anymore

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vietnam days – the eclipse

we were caught by surprise. none of us knew about what would happen. the sky was cloudy and it was difficult to see. just later in the darkroom we realized what happend

vietnam days – the journey

leaving Hanoi. going to the rural area in Vietnam is always a journey into nowhere.  the world is different


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Vietnam – the mountain

I always liked to go the mountains amd I did it again. just to watch the time goes by

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Kreuzberg tales IX

my favorite. I’m a fan of Hillmann, the little food store in Kreuzberg. it was in the middle of the 80, when Hillmann opened his shop. the wall was still there and he imported good food from the black forest region. this was a big difference to all this supermarket food available here. since years Vivianne and Harry are working here. we are all depending on the little shop

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Lebensmittel Hillmann, Oranienstr. 20, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel: 030.614 56 44,

Kreuzberg tales VII

today I run into bikefix the bicycle workshop of my friend Ali next door. disturbed him quite for a while. but I had to maintain the bicycles for the roadtrip next week. some years ago Ali started to work as a kind of social worker in the neighbourhood in a bicycle shop for kids

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Bikefix, Reichenbergerstr. 6, 10999 Berlin, Tel: 030. 66 40 26 65,

sri lanka days – the little priest

we met somewhere on the streets in Jaffna. the little priest just started the ceremony. he invited me to watch while he was worshipping Ganesh, the elephant god. first he washed Ganesh with milk, cleaned Him and dressed Him up, used incense for the air. blessed to the worshippers.  also me

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vietnam days – the craftsmen

I couldn’t sleep. they hammered the whole night next door. early morning I stepped into the pagoda next door to find out what was going on. I found carpenters hammering, sawing and slicing, rebuilding the pagoda.  in the traditional way. they invited me to stay. I stayed and learned a lot. the following night I understood the sound and continued sleeping

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Kreuzberg tales X

we ran into the band from Lippetal playing under the subway station Warschauer Strasse in Kreuzberg. it was that evening. the thunderstorm came to Berlin. we ran away from the rain. they were cool and tried to play some songs from my hometown Cologne for me. we could offer them some likor from Hanoi/Vietnam. they became better

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the days are over #001

it is along long time ago. first time he came in 1945. Boris Solotirevki was a jewish soldier in the red army. he fought for the liberation of Berlin.  we found his traces in the Reichstag. he came back

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kosovo – the magic train

 we wanted to travel by train. this train doesn’t exist anymore. everybody told us this, all friends and colleagues were sure, this train doesn’t exist anymore. we found the railway station in Peja and there was the train waiting.  just for us

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ethiopia – the tukul

I learned my lesson, when I first entered a Tukul. every item in the house and every corner were designed. the bread we were eating was decorated. I understood, people who live here are rich. they have the ability to live here. I only know how to buy food in the supermarket

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Kreuzberg tales VIII

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he’s the king of merguez! For sure!! I already gave up searching for a good butcher next door, till I stepped into his butchery. he recommended merguez. since than I’m addicted. every day around 14.00h he prepares fresh merguez

vietnam stories – the search

I wanted to illustrate green jobs, when I ran into the electro guy Toan. just behind the hotel in the old quarter. I watched him for some hours. he used old wire to repair electro – motors. what a great use of resources. then I set up the green. everthing changed and the street was entertained

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Niger – Agadez in our mind

we left our new friends the next morning and followed the road to Agadez after we enjoyed the busy market day. no one at the market believed me, that I wanted to cut my hair. we had to go, Agadez was calling us. on our way we met some people from the Peul tribe with their cattle next to the only water-place. they showed us the way north-east. we followed this route until we met the Tuareg. we stayed

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the lost film

I knew it. over all the years I was sure. still the contacts sheets were there. for 25 years I was searching. they were gone. just the contact print remained. then Olaf found the pictures

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vietnam stories – the new world

 just around the corner I discovered a secret new world. this world only exist in the night. a world full of little monsters, dragons and believes. I was allowed in. we, humans, are just accepted as guests in this world. searching for the way out

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vietnam stories – the food street

luckily I had a day off and was running around in the old town of Hanoi.  near the lake I stepped into the street full of restaurants. every restaurant offers the same food. phở cuôn – noodle rolls. I started in the first restaurant

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vietnam stories – the market

I learned about that market the evening before. Mr Trung the famous driver showed me an text message on his phone, translated by a friend into english. „there is a market for minority groups tomorrow r u want to go?“ he found a good way to communicate. I found the market

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