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kosovo – the magic train

 we wanted to travel by train. this train doesn’t exist anymore. everybody told us this, all friends and colleagues were sure, this train doesn’t exist anymore. we found the railway station in Peja and there was the train waiting.  just for us

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vietnam stories – the train

to travel by train is great. where ever I have a chance to jump on a train, I do it. just to be on a train and go somewhere. there are always a lot of things happening. the the train stops. all is over

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the dead end

I have never seen something like this before. for sure I never want to see that again. nothing special. but there was just my shadow to talk to me. usually railway stations are full of people. nobody was here. I was just bit late and found myself stuck in a dead end railway station. even trains didn’t stop here. there was no way out

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