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once upon a time – little heroes

the war against Iraq was almost starting. in the spring 1991 we were waiting in Diyarbakir what would happen. most of the journalists did’t knew that another war already had started years earlier. every day Kurdish villages along the border in Turkey were destroyed and the inhabitants expelled. only the daily work of human rights association staff and some kurdish journalist gave a voice to the displaced inhabitants

once upon a time – king of the road

it was the beginning of a long journey. and we followed this road, not knowing where we would end up. we didn’t knew that this was the last journey through Turkey in 1984, we could do in peace

once upon a time – gecekondular

they arrived all together with the sunset after traveling a couple of days from the far east. and they came full of dreams and in their best clothes. but now they had to hurry up. the roof had to be build overnight in the gecekondu. the roof was there the next morning and protected their dreams. they were tired but happy because they became part of the ommunitiy in one of the illegal gecekondular around Istanbul. everything was organized by inhabitants themself. they are looking after the water and sanitation, the electricity and the roads. even the public busses started to stop at the gecekondu

once upon a time – the ceremony

we stayed the whole summer. our days drifted away. we were hanging out in the village surrounded by cotton fields. Pazarcik became our place. day by day the big event was getting closer and closer.
one day the sheep started bleating outside the door. the big day started – a new family was born

once upon a time – the long way #1

we were neighbors in Cologne. he and his friends just lived next door. and we drove him home when he wanted to go back. It was a long journey before we arrived at his place near Pazarcik, somewhere in southeastern Turkey. but we did not know it was the starting point for us, for a much longer trip to discover Kurdistan in Turkey. in 1984

memories of a vanished world – Diyarbakir

nothing changed! today, 25 years later, I see the same pictures again. I can’t believe, that I have to see special forces in the streets of Diyarbakir again. I can’t believe, that I have to attend funerals of villagers again. again I have to see pictures of destroyed houses and to see people are fleeing again….