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the steel maker

this morning we started at 3.00h. from the moment we first met, they made it clear, the work as a steel maker is something very special. they said, here in that steel factory everyone has to love steel making. all are starting in the middle of the night to cook the steel at 1500° C just to be ready at the next morning to caste the steel into the new forms

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ethiopia – the craftsmen

for sure I know these sounds. since my youth they sound so familiar to me. wherever I go I  follow these sounds.  again and again I end up in the places of the craftsmen’s work. here I  learned to understand the spirit and the fascination of their craft. Giovannis print house in Addis Ababa is still one of this places I like to remembers

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vietnam – green tea

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sri lanka – the miner

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memories of a vanished world – Aleppo


vietnam days – silk road

azerbaijan – land of fire

the believers came from far to worship here. they build the „ateshgah“ the temple of fire and called the country land of fire. it was just 05.30h in the morning and we started drinking wodka with the oilworkers on the Neft Daşları. they were waiting for their salary for 6 month. now 20 years later, I came back.  the president is still from the same family. my workers friends are again waiting for their salary

south africa – soweto days I

the moment we moved, everything went well. for days I was looking forward to move and then finally we did it. packed everything into Mpohs car and moved. food was exellent. coffee was not the best. inbetween we entertained Didi, the albino python

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southafrica – working class heroes

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Kreuzberg tales XIII

night mets the day.  every morning the same. we all met there. coming back from the bar, going to work, or just hanging out. in front of the newspaper kiosk near the Kottbusser Tor. in 1987



Kosovo – the water world

we met in Peya.  it’s better to say under the streets of Peja. they dragged me down into their world. the world of water

kreuzberg tales XIV

these workshops in the backyards of Berlin always attracted me to look through the windows. my friend Norbert is a carpenter in my old neighbourhood Kreuzberg. and I like to watch him through his window, if I pass by. he does this fantastic handmade furniture I really like.  my apartment is much to small for all these things, but it’s fun to watch him

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angola days – future talks part II

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photography mets vocational training.

Ok, we did it again. this time Edson and me went to Pavillion 12. photography mets vocational training. in the vocational school in Viana we wanted to show the Addis Ababa exhibition. there was lot of preparation and repair to do. finally we opened the exhibition. the students wanted to photographed with a typical pose of teached professions.then the big rain came and we missed the welder

sri lanka journey – milky way

we went to the north of Sri Lanka. somewhere behind the Elephant pass. we wanted to find the small farmers, who are selling milk to a dairy center, we found them. we started and followed the milky way

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vietnam stories – the search

I wanted to illustrate green jobs, when I ran into the electro guy Toan. just behind the hotel in the old quarter. I watched him for some hours. he used old wire to repair electro – motors. what a great use of resources. then I set up the green. everthing changed and the street was entertained

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the worker


since the time, when I was young and we were dreaming of of a working class revolution, I have to go into every factory on my way. everywhere on my journeys I have to go into the factory and tell the stories of the workers. nothing has changed since our early dreams 40 years ago

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sri lanka journey – the last fish

I was hanging out for some days on a beach.  somewhere in south of Sri Lanka. years ago this region was hit by the Tsunami. day by day I watched the fishermen.  we became friends. on my last day they took me on a fishing trip. watching the fishermen, I realized the catch became less day by day

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egypt – the charcoal

the charburner took me around some corners into their little empire. an empire full of wood, straw, charcoal, fire and smoke. here they teached the old traditional craft of a charcoal burner how to build a charcoal kiln. days later I saw the result nice pieces of charcoal and a good cup of tea. the rest of the good charcoal is exported to Europe for barbecues

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angola days – working class hero

we were hanging out in some downtown bars in Luanda. listening to the beats from the local station. we had to do a music clip to promote the idea of vocational training in Angola. later on we found the kid from the band os k.baila and we did it

become a metal worker

I still remember the time, when I received my vocational training in the little workshop. for months I had to train the basics. the first the trainer gave to me was just a drawing and a rusted piece of metal. then I started to file, to saw and to drill for the next six months. every morning I stared at this piece of metal. I measured and filed again and again. day by day my metal became smaller. I still know how to do it until today. later on I even worked on modern CNC machines.

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